Monday, November 14, 2016

Osa Aspćern, Umetnost neviđeno niskih očekivanja | Kreativni centar


Cover for Swedish writer Åsa Asptjärn's teenage book The Art of Having Extremely Low Expectations (Konsten att ha sjukt låga förväntningar)
Publisher: Kreativni centar, Serbia 

“Take a look at my lousy life and do the opposite". That’s what Emanuel Kent Sjögren says. He is the spiritual philosopher in this book. The reader is offered Emanuel’s philosophical advice on life, sometimes humorous, sometimes black as he muddles through the autumn term in a secondary school.
The lynch pin of Emanuel Kent’s philosophy is: Lower your expectations. Full stop. If your hopes are too high and your expectations are zero you won’t be disappointed. This proves to be a reasonable attitude towards life for Emanuel Kent who wants to embrace more of life and who has higher ambitions for his teen years than just hanging out with his best, and only, friend Tore.  

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