Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kreativni centar, Foreign Righs Catalogue

Dizajn kataloga za Kreativni centar, koji predstavlja svoja izdanja po 13. put na 51. Međunarodnom sajmu knjiga za decu u Bolonji, od 24. do 27. marta.

Design for a Foreign Rights Catalogue for Creative Centre publishing house from Belgrade, that presents its books for the 13th time on 51st Bologna Children's Book Fair, in Italy, from March 24th til 27th.

Illustration on the cover by Maja Veselinović

check it on ISSUU :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Milorad Pavić, The Inner Side of the Wind


New design for E-book by Milorad Pavić, The Inner Side of the Wind. Kindle Edition.
There are two versions of the cover, since the book starts from both sides, one story about Hero and the other about Leander, although the programmers in Amazon.com couldn't solve that...
"Two lovers in Belgrade, one from the 1700s, the other from the 1900s, reach out to each other across a gulf of time, in a story that parallels the myth of Hero and Leander."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pesnish poster

U Nišu počinje poetski događaj pod nazivom Pesniš, za koji sam radila dizajn plakata:::

Veče bez jakog svetla bez pravila ponašanja
Subota, 15. 3. u 20h, klub Paspartu
zabranjen pristup akademicima, ženomrscima i političarima.
nastupa ko se prijavi unapred ili na licu mesta
izlaže radove govori šta hoće
a da je to nešto poezija ili smislen govor.

Poster design for a poetry event in Niš, city in the south Serbia, called Pesnish.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Milorad Pavic, The Tale that Killed Emily Knorr


New design for E-book by Milorad Pavić, The Tale That Killed Emily Knorr. Kindle Edition.

"This book is is bilingual. When read from one side, it is written in English. When flipped over and read from the other side, it is written in Serbian. Is the peak of a story-teller's art a tale that can change the standing order of the world? A tale that can kill, and which, in dreamy landscapes of Milorad Pavic's prose, can be killed. Did Pavic's tales find Emily Knorr on her destiny's road as a coincidence, a curse or a blessing, or the author just wanted to write a romanced autobiography? Prose which is at the same time a tale and a novel, a cure and a poison..."