Friday, March 7, 2014

Milorad Pavic, The Tale that Killed Emily Knorr

New design for E-book by Milorad Pavić, The Tale That Killed Emily Knorr. Kindle Edition.

"This book is is bilingual. When read from one side, it is written in English. When flipped over and read from the other side, it is written in Serbian. Is the peak of a story-teller's art a tale that can change the standing order of the world? A tale that can kill, and which, in dreamy landscapes of Milorad Pavic's prose, can be killed. Did Pavic's tales find Emily Knorr on her destiny's road as a coincidence, a curse or a blessing, or the author just wanted to write a romanced autobiography? Prose which is at the same time a tale and a novel, a cure and a poison..."

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