Monday, January 26, 2009

Nešto sasvim drugo | Something Completely Different

je naziv prve i jedine zbirke pesama autora Milivoja N. Jankovića (1972-2008) koja uskoro izlazi u simboličnih 111 primeraka u samizdatu. | is the name of the first and only collection of poems of the author Milivoje N. Jankovic (1972-2008), being soon self-published in symbolic 111 copies.

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  1. Dear writer of this article, Dragana Nikolic!
    I’m an austrian poet from Salzburg (the city of Trakl, Bernhard and Mozart) and deeply immersed, intensively interested into the fate, writings, poetry and person of Janković, Milivoje N. (1972-2008) and his poetry collection (Nešto sasvim drugo)poetry)
    For me it would be very valuable and interesting, helpful to find out what personality he was like, what character he had, if you remember any anecdotes, any personal stories, memories and estimates, and your personal opinion on his poetry and personality? I would like to establish a literary portrait and monument, to make his poetry also visible for the german-speaking literary-discourse context, and maybe to foster any reception and translation of his poems. I think he would deserve such a late acknowledgment.
    It would be for me a pleasure and a big honor, if you could answer me and tell me anything about him. All would be from very big importance for me.
    With best regards, admirable kindest wishes from Austria,
    (Patrik) Valouch

    my email adress: