Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pascale Petit, Fauverie

Cover for new poetry book Fauverie by Pascale Petit with my design :)
Publisher: Seren, UK.

and here is Aramis, black jaguar, the inspiration for the book and the cover. He was resident of the Jardin des Plantes, and now moved to the Vincennes Zoo, Paris.

Black Jaguar at Twilight

He seems to have sucked
the whole Amazon
into his being, the storm-

clouds of rosettes
through a bronze dusk.
I've been there, sheltered

under the buttress
of a giant, felt
the air around me –

its muscles tense,
stalking me
as I stumbled

through dense fur,
my father's tongue
wet on my neck

as I fell into a gulch,
the blackout of his mouth.
And when I woke

I thought I heard
the jungle cough – this jungle,
the jaguar safe

behind bars. I lean over
and touch his cage – his glance
grazes me like an arrow.

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