Monday, October 29, 2012

Gonsalo M. Tavareš, Mašina Jozefa Valzera

Dizajn korica za roman Gonsala M. Tavareša, Mašina Jozefa Valzera.
Izdavač: Treći Trg, Beograd.

Cover design for Joseph Walser's Machine, novel by Goncalo M. Tavares.
Publisher: Treći Trg, Serbia.

Continuing Tavares's award-winning "Kingdom" series (begun in Jerusalem, winner of the Saramago Prize), Joseph Walser's Machine recounts a life of bizarre routines and patterns. Routine humiliation at a factory; routine maintenance of the world's most esoteric collection; and the most important routine of all: the operation of a mysterious machine on a factory floor. Yet all of Joseph Walser's routines are violently disrupted when his city is occupied by an invading army, leaving him faced with political intrigues, marital discord, and finally, one last, catastrophic confrontation with his beloved machine.

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