Friday, January 8, 2010

Jerusalim, Gonsalo M. Tavareš

Nova knjiga u izdanju Trećeg Trga - JERUSALIM, portugalskog autora Gonsala M. Tavareša ! Inače, Gonsalo je prošle godine bio gost i jedan od laureata 3. beogradskog festivala poezije i knjige, tako da bi ove godine trebalo da se pojavi i njegova dvojezična knjiga pesama i možda još koja (da ne otkrivam baš sve :)) što me veoma raduje!
Na koricama sam koristila font (iliti pismo) Restraint, čiji autori su Marian Bantjes i Ross Mills, i to je i prvi i jedini font koji sam kupila do sada.

Uz knjigu ide i bukmarker, pošto sam uštedela na štampi (samo jedna boja), i nadam se da je dovoljno efektna i odgovarajuća crno-bela kombinacija, pošto je Jerusalim iz Tavarešove serije Crnih knjiga.

Na blogu autora imate priliku i da vidite dizajn za izdanja Jerusalima na drugim jezicima.

I eto preporuke za čitanje u ovim zimskim danima. Uživajte!

Jerusalim korice

New book! JERUSALEM, by Goncalo M. Tavares. Goncalo was, by the way, one of the guests and awardees of the 3rd Belgrade Poetry and Book Festival last year, so this year a few more books of his should be published in Serbian.
On the cover I used this beautiful font Restraint by Marian Bantjes and Ross Mills

Plus, there's a bookmarker that goes with the book, and I hope that this is good black'n'white combination.


  1. This is a symbol of excellence! Fantastic creation.

  2. The creativity of you has been represented here through the cover design. Everything is alive behind the simplicity. It seems to be the book has got a life. Good sharing.

  3. An awesome cover design and no one will dislike it I think.

  4. Simply say, congrats and keep it up!!

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